Voting system

The voting system is an effective way for the group to reach a decision or develop a sense of opinion within the group. The voting system is limited to the group to which the user belongs. Every group member is able to start a new vote.

The user can create a new vote by clicking on 'New' in the 'Voting System' window which is found under the 'Other' tab. In this window, the user inserts a question, and the available reply options. The vote participants are selected by clicking on the checkbox next to each included user or by selecting a user profile.

The participating users will visualize the vote in the summary window under new vote, or in the voting system window. They vote by selecting the appropriate checkbox then clicking the return arrow. The user may click on the return arrow without having selected a checkbox reply. This type of vote is tracked and is counted as a 'not participating' or a 'don't know' vote. By moving the mouse over the blue button, the user can visualize information regarding who started the vote and when.

The Link 'List' will display statistics about all past and current votes in which involve the user.

Votes are deleted by clicking on the red block next to the vote name in the Voting System window.