Timecard system

The 'Time Card' module administrates the working hours of the team members and attributes working days to actual projects.

The Time Card button is visualized on both the summary window and the time card window. It appears as either a red or blue block with containing the following symbols [>. A red color indicates that the user has not yet 'checked in' and a blue color indicates that the user is currently working and must eventually 'check out'. On the main screen (after you logon) in the upper left corner you see five buttons. The first four buttons allow for a direct input to the timecard: 'begin', 'out on duty', 'back from duty', 'end'. After a click on one of the buttons, you will be asked to confirm your operation and the record will be registered in the database until your next action.

The last button shows the names of the people who are present in the office. Move your mouse over the button and the list appears. If you want to have the actual situation, just refresh the calendar module (refresh or F5), the list updates automatically.

A click on the module 'timecard' shows your entries of a specified month. It is possible to insert a record afterwards, but, depending on the software configuration, an automatic mail with the modifications will be sent to the chief.
In the next box you can assign several actual projects to a working day.