Help desk

With the Help desk (often called as 'trouble ticket system') a team is able to manage the support for their products or services.

The page for the customer is called helpdesk_cust.php. This page does not require an identification. The customer can watch the actual query with all pending requests, can search the knowledge base (this is the collection of all solved requests with the flag 'open'), and fill out the form to initiate a new request. By submitting a request the customer gets a confirmation email, the request is taken into the database and - depending on the category - automatically assigned to a group or person.
If the variable $rts_cust_acc in the is set to 1, only an email address is required, otherwise the customer must exist in the list 'contacts', and he must insert his family name.

Managing Requests
On the main screen at the right side the user has a select box with all pending requests assigned to him. by clicking on 'list' or the button 'RTS' in the upper row the list with all requests appear.

The first row is a filter in order to manage long lists. The number on the left side is clickable and shows the form of the request. The user to whom the request is assigned can add a remark, stall the request or move the request to another user. If a request is solved, a mail with the solution will be sent to the customer, the status of the request will be set to 'solved' and - if the access is set to 'open'- available in the knowledge section.

The sytem administrator can setup categories and assign them to a user or a group. If a customer selects a category, the respective user (or group) is automatically assigned to this request.