Contact Manager

The contact manager organizes contacts and group members and thier data.

Their are two types of contacts: External Contacts and Group Members. The drop down list box in the upper right hand of the screen is used to select between these two types.

External contacts:
By selecting 'External Contacts' from the drop down list box, the user will get a list with all external contacts to which he has access (those contacts created directly by the user or those for which other users have granted access to this user). By clicking on the the last name of a existing contact, a contact editor page will appear where the contact's details can be view and modified. New contacts are entered by clicking on 'New'. The user can also delete the whole contact or export the contact to a v-card.
The user can give access of 'his' contacts to other users in the 'access' section of the contact editor page.

Group members:
By selecting 'Group Members' from the drop down list box, the user will visualized a list with the information of the group members
By clicking on a group member's email address, the user's email application will be automatically opened to write and email to this person.

The contact list may be sorted depending on various criteria by click on the respective column head. A new sort in reverse order will be executed and displayed by another click on this field. A filter could be installed on this list by using the keyword search in the left frame of the main screen. Then only persons with the keyword matches in any field will be shown.

A contact list in another application may be imported in various formats.