In the chatroom the user can chat or conduct an on-line conference with other members of the group who are currently online and logged into phprojekt chat. This kind of conversation is particularly useful if the members do not have the opportunity to meet in person very often. It is a good idea to select a certain time in the week if you want to meet regularly.

There are three areas in the chatroom window: The large field in the middle displays all messages. As it is not applet-based this part of the screen will often be refreshed to show new messages, e.g., every 20 seconds.
The field on the right side shows the current participants of the chat. This too will be refreshed ofter, e.g., every minute.

The field at the bottom of the page is the area where the user can insert new text messages. After adding a text message for the conversation the user must select the 'submit' button and the message will be displayed to all the chat participants after the next refresh. (A simple return will just go to the next line in the input field.)

You leave the chatroom through the link 'logout'. You are only logged out from the chat room and not from phprojekt.